The idea for my dream Studio is simple: Basically a comfy Room to relax and be creative, stuffed with professional Gear for on Music and Vocals. A Playground for me and others with a clean look.


The construction of the Studio was not that simple. By now I have been building, adding and optimizing for 3 years. But that is time well spent! My Studio is the perfect place for all kinds of electronic Music, Vocalrecording and general Media-Content creation. Professional and State of the Art.
– Welcome to the semCity Studio 2020! –


The Studio is designed for high Quality Music- and Audio-Productions and Vocals (Recording & Postproduction). Cubase + Wavelab on a custom built Audio-PC. Speakers by Genelec and Amphion. An analog Vocal-Recording-Chain into Universal Audio Interfaces. Lots of Controllers and Fun-Stuff for Creativity and a fast Workflow. On top of that: a neat, hand-selected Library of PlugIns, Samples and Software. Synths, EQs, Compressors, FX-Tools.. you name it 🙂
Latest updates include Tools and Software for Video- and Photoediting, and creating Web-Content.