Das ist ein Beitrag.



My Name is Sascha aka sem. ’semtrax‘ is my Company. Iā€™m an Audio Engineer, a Musicproducer and Studio Owner. I write & produce my own Songs out of passion and I produce, mix & record for others for a living. Hi-End-Sound, colorful arrangements and excellent Vocals is what I’m going for.


As Producer I have been involved in countless Musicprojects. A lot of that is Dancemusic from the early 2000s to the present. Big and smaller Acts, national and international Releases on many different Labels. Go check out my YouTube if you want to dig in šŸ™‚ Right now, in 2020, I’d love to focus on some of the ideas that kept sticking in my head over the last years. Let’s see šŸ™‚


Throughout my whole professional Audiocareer I have constantly been working for others on the technical side as an Audioengineer. Either in my Studio by tweaking and polishing Audiomaterial (Songs, Vocals, Sounds…) or as a recording and mixing Engineer for external Studios. I still do that, I love it. Call me if you need something to sound better.


The idea for my dream Studio is simple: Basically a comfy Room to relax and be creative, stuffed with professional Gear for on Music and Vocals. A Playground for me and others with a clean look.


The construction of the Studio was not that simple. By now I have been building, adding and optimizing for 3 years. But that is time well spent! My Studio is the perfect place for all kinds of electronic Music, Vocalrecording and general Media-Content creation. Professional and State of the Art.
– Welcome to the semCity Studio 2020! –