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November 19th 2017

Status Update

Hey Guys :) I know you are waiting for some fresh Music but I don't think this will happen before next Year. Most of my Time goes into my Engineering Jobs at different Studios so I can buy all the Gear and the PlugIns that I want for my Studio. I have a big List with expensive Stuff I want to get so that I can make a fresh Start in my DreamStudio by January 1st 2018. Until then: Engineering, Recording, Mastering and Coaching. sem

August 5th 2017

Construction finished :)

Good News: The main construction work is Done. Controlroom and Recordingroom are finished. A few more Details here and there but the hard part is over. Now Let's get the Machines back to work. I'll reset the whole System and Start everything from Scratch! 3 Days of installing Software... yay X-D And of course: finally some Time off ;) sem

April 4th 2017

Studio 2.0

Hey there :) To make it short: Stuff is going great!! Although the Studio-Rebuild is not done yet it looks awesome already :) New Table, new PC-Monitors and a 4K TV. LEDs (of course!) and pretty much everything else is new. Also I'm still doing a lot of Vocal-Production in a variety of Studios. Mostly TV-related. Anyway... Good things are in progress! See you soon, sem.

sem - Restless

Music. Vocals. Sound.

Professional Musicproduction, Vocal Recording and Soundengineering.



From Scratch to the Final Master.
"produced by sem".



Experience in Vocalrecording and Editing.



Mixing, Mastering, Editing.

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