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My Name is Sascha aka sem. 'semtrax' is my Company. I’m a Producer for Music and pretty much anything that has to do with creative Audio. A professional Engineer and alltogether a creative person. I built my own Studio where I meet lots of talented people and do lots of exciting things. One of them is probably the reason why you're here. So if you are interested in professional Audio-Services, a collaboration or simply love Dance-Music, stay and explore :)


As a Producer(Engineer) I have been involved in productions with/for many Artists, Projects and Companies. Big and smaller Music-Acts, a lot of my own Projects. Sometimes as an Artist and sometimes more like a Ghost. I'm known for my creative Vocal-Design and my well engineered sound. I can handle to full process of a Production and bring it to a professional Level, from the first idea to the final Master.
I have a ton of cool Songideas in the drawer and I want to bring them to life and out there. Good Stuff is comin' :) If you're interested check my SocialMedia for news.


From the very beginning on I wanted to sound my Stuff as good as possible and I never wanted to be dependent on anyone else for that. So I put a lot of energy and time into being the best Audio-Engineer that I can be. Over the years I managed to gain a lot of experience working in different fields and Studios. At this point I have spent close to 20 years working in professional Audii while being 33. I regularly work for different Companies/People performing tasks like recording, mixing, mastering, editing and basically everything else that involves creating and enhancing Audio. 'Bad Sound kills good Ideas' - So let's make sure that doesn't happen!
But still - the Heart is with the Music :)


I’m a perfectionist and whatever I do, I try to make the best of it. Whether it is a piece of Music, a Mix/Master, a Vocal-Recording, a Radio-Ad or anything else. In the end it’s all about having fun in the Studio, being creative and putting everything into it :)


semCity Studio semCity Studio semCity Studio
semCity Studio semCity Studio semCity Studio


I always wanted a Studio with a comfy feel and a High-Ends setup. Basically a Chill-Room stuffed with awesome Music-Toys and Tech. A Playground for myself and the performer in the Recording-Room. Also a little Style doesn’t hurt :) - Welcome to the semCity!


I decided to make a full Restart. So in the last days of 2016 I started packing up the Tech and tore the old Studio to shreds. With nothing more than the Idea I started rebuilding and then later… planing :) While working fulltime as an Engineer in different Studios pretty much all of my free Time went into the building my new Studio. 2 Rooms were redesigned, renovated and treated acoustically. Next to that I completely reinvented the technical Setup. I designed a custom Table specified to my needs, tested Speakers, installed a new Computer, Interface…. Basically I upgraded all the Hardware/Software and even added some nice Instruments and DJ-Tools. I tried tons of new PlugIns, optimized Software and Sample-Libraries. To make this short(er): It took me about 2 years to build my dream Studio :) Thanks to hard work and the help of many friends I can now welcome you to the all new „semCity“ Studio! You can find some pictures of the process on my Instagram.


The Studio is designed for high Quality Audio-Production and Vocal-Recording. Just the Facts here: Cubase + Wavelab on a Win10 Audio-PC. Fun-Speakers by Genelec, analytic Speakers by Amphion. An analog Vocal-Recording-Chain into UA Interfaces. Lots of Controllers and Fun-Stuff to play with. And the best Thing: A really nice, hand-selected Library of Software, Samples and PlugIns! Synths, EQs, Compressors, FX-Tools.. you name it :)

BTW: The Dogs Name is Charlie :)


Bad Sound kills good Ideas.


Music & Media

"produced by sem".


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I am a creative Producer and highly skilled Audio-Engineer. In case you need a professional Musicproduction (Playback, Remix, etc.) feel free to contact me.

If you have the feeling you need any kind of professional Audio there's a good Chance we can work together.



record. design.
mix upfront.



I have spent thousands of hours recording Vocals for pretty much everything. Music, TV-Shows, Movies, Audiobooks, Videogames, Radio, Jingles, DJ-Sets... I know how to create a clean, cut Vocalsound, perfect for further processing.
And most importantly: I know how to treat Artists. Singers, Musicians, (Voice-)Actors. Make them feel comfortable and talk to them in a way that transports the creative idea. While still handling the technical side quickly and efficient. And the best thing is to go crazy with Vocals. Music-Vocals & Choir-Arrangements, Rap-Shouts, Vocoder, Autotune, Pitch, Harmonize... Just have Fun! :)



professional engineering.



Your Song doesn't Sound the Way it could? Or you need a Recording to sound bigger? I can turn some knobs.
If you need any Examples of my Sound feel free to check my SocialMedia or contact me.